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Have a #TrialPeriod this month...

Update 22 November 2019: Registration for our #TrialPeriod free trial has now closed. It may be too late to sign up to take part in the trial but it’s never too late to start thinking about reusable period products. Find out more about the options available here.

Our free trial was so popular that we’ve managed to get our mitts on a limited number of extra menstrual cups and cloth pads from Hey Girls.

In the interest of fairness (and to avoid any hiccups with the website – there have been a lot of people looking to take part) you can register your interest using the form below before 09:00 on Friday 22 November.

Names will then be drawn at random to receive a product to test and we'll email you to let you know if you have been successful before Friday 29 November. 

If you’ve already been lucky enough to get a product in our initial trial, then please allow others the chance this time around to tell us how they got on trying out a plastic-free period – we’ll be making a list and checking it twice.

We’ll also only allow one entry per person in our random product allocation and this offer is only available to residents of Scotland.

Product details

Menstrual cup - Less waste, less money in the long run and comes with a handy storage pouch. Pick small if you are under 25 and have not given birth vaginally or large if you are over 25 or have given birth vaginally whatever your age.

Cloth pads - Say goodbye to uncomfortable scratchy plastic and hello to oh so soft, flexible comfort. These reusable pads are made from high performing fabric to prevent leaks and are washable and quick to dry. As part of the trial, you’ll receive three day pads and two night ones. 

Register for your chance to test out a menstrual cup or cloth pads

By completing the form below, you agree (if randomly chosen for the trial) to your contact details being shared with Zero Waste Scotland and their research partners, Union, in order to complete a follow up survey by email on usage of the trial product and campaign partner Hey Girls to be able to process orders. 

Your data will not be used for sales or marketing purposes but your email address will be used to let you know if you have been successful or not and your address details will only be used to process your order if successful.

Registration now closed.

Not sure which product to try out first?

Find out more about reusable options here.